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Intervention: Exercise training protocol (Intervention) [RDF]

Label Exercise training protocol (Intervention)
Slug c2b9de0bbfa87c1625f3c70e8a2dbb19
Arm group label Exercise training protocol. (WLEX)
Description Participants will complete a progressive 6-month exercise-training program, 4-5 days per week, 45 min per session (180 min per week), consisting mostly of walking (both outside and on an indoor treadmill) but with the option to include both stationary cycling and rowing, similar to what we have utilized previously to elicit significant improvements in insulin sensitivity in both middle-age and older adults (52-55). Beginning at week 8, these subjects will also perform 2 non-consecutive resistance exercise sessions per week, 30 min per session, focused on major muscle groups using Keiser pneumatic-powered machines (total days of exercise will still be 4 to 5)
Other name cardio
Intervention type Other
Intervention name Exercise training protocol
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