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Trial: NCT00003930 [RDF]

Label NCT00003930
Slug nct00003930
Trialid NCT00003930
Lookup name NCT00003930
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Id info nct id NCT00003930
Overall status Completed
Id info secondary id CDR0000067122
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Enrollment 84
Number of arms 1
Is section 801
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Brief title Radiation Therapy and Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Stage II or Stage III Bladder Cancer
Official title A Phase I/II Trial in Patients With Muscle-Invading Bladder Cancer of Transurethral Surgery Plus Taxol, Cisplatin and Bid Irradiation Followed by Either Selective Bladder Preservation or Radical Cystectomy and Adjuvant Chemotherapy
Study type Interventional
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Completion date November 2013
Verification date October 2015
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Id info org study id RTOG-9906
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Source Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
Primary completion date July 2003
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Phase Phase 1/Phase 2
Start date September 1999
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Biospec descr
Detailed description OBJECTIVES: - Evaluate the safety and tolerability of induction chemoradiotherapy with paclitaxel and cisplatin followed by selective bladder preservation or radical cystectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with stage II or III muscle invasive carcinoma of the bladder previously treated with transurethral tumor resection. - Evaluate the efficacy of transurethral tumor resection and induction chemoradiotherapy in achieving a complete response in this patient population. - Assess the value of tumor parameters as prognostic factors for initial tumor response and recurrence-free survival in this patient population. OUTLINE: Four to six weeks after prior transurethral resection, patients receive induction therapy comprising paclitaxel IV over 1 hour on days 1, 8, and 15, cisplatin IV over 1 hour on days 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, and 16, and radiotherapy twice daily on days 1-5, 8-12, and 17. Four weeks after induction therapy, patients undergo urologic evaluation. At 1-2 weeks after evaluation, patients with complete response receive consolidation therapy comprising paclitaxel IV over 1 hour on days 1 and 8, cisplatin IV over 1 hour on days 1, 2, 8, and 9, and radiotherapy twice daily on days 1-5 and 8-10. Patients with poor tumor response undergo a cystectomy. At 12 weeks postconsolidation therapy or 8 weeks post radical cystectomy, patients receive adjuvant chemotherapy comprising gemcitabine IV over 30-60 minutes followed by cisplatin IV over 1 hour every 3 weeks. Treatment repeats every 4 weeks for 4 courses in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable toxicity. Patients are followed every 4 months for 1 year, every 6 months for 3 years, and then annually thereafter. PROJECTED ACCRUAL: A total of 84 patients will be accrued for this study within 3 years.
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Keywords stage II bladder cancer, stage III bladder cancer
Conditions Bladder Cancer
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Results references 84d85f844fc73dc4034124a0e36a28aa, PMID:19100600
Arm groups Arm 1 (Arm Group)
Location countries Canada, United States
Interventions cisplatin (Intervention), gemcitabine hydrochloride (Intervention), conventional surgery (Intervention), radiation therapy (Intervention), paclitaxel (Intervention)
Secondary outcomes 28e113670b44b1edc1b1b4fd28dee52d, 4485d06a801a833e80b482d20b4e0ac3, 486e0e2adb82ccaa51a5832bc6c766af, 9e3523263f1948fa7016eb47c3b680ea, e89b6d65958768db4d24da5711624f90
References 3b852a4eb3a101771c4277ad7b5139ca, PMID:19636019
Primary outcomes 8cea126bb66939274630ff779f946bde
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