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Trial: NCT00998062 [RDF]

Label NCT00998062
Slug nct00998062
Trialid NCT00998062
Lookup name NCT00998062
Lastchanged date October 19, 2011
Firstreceived results date
Firstreceived date October 19, 2009
Id info nct id NCT00998062
Overall status Completed
Id info secondary id
Biospec retention
Required header link text Link to the current record.
Enrollment 30181
Number of arms
Is section 801
Is fda regulated No
Brief title Dyslipaemia, Atherosclerosis Risk and Increased hsCRP and Inflammatory and Oxidative Status in the Spanish Population. Database Analysis of Previous Studies Performed in Spain
Acronym DARIOS
Official title Dyslipaemia, Atherosclerosis Risk and Increased hsCRP and Inflammatory and Oxidative Status in the Spanish Population
Study type Observational
Id info nct alias
Completion date October 2011
Verification date October 2011
Why stopped
Id info org study id NIS-CES-DUM-2009/1
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Study design Time Perspective: Retrospective
Source AstraZeneca
Primary completion date October 2011
Brief summary
Number of groups 1
Required header download date processed this data on September 07, 2016
Phase N/A
Start date November 2009
Has expanded access No
Biospec descr No samples will be obtained, but biomarkers will be analysed from frozen serum samples retained by the pervious studies performed.
Detailed description
Condition browse 0c3ebd096c3ecb48192eb54ace8d9359
Intervention browse None
Responsible party 015b495dfd0be1a85fcb46d41f363abd
Overall contact None
Overall contact backup None
Sponsor group 0fce9358a4130bad9ccae5178ff23345
Oversight info Spain: Ethics Committee (Oversight_info)
Eligibility 654140926b7c039df84b38fc9cdc35d5
Keywords atherosclerosis risk, Dyslipaemia, increased hsCRP, inflammatory and oxidative status in the Spanish population
Conditions Atherosclerosis Risk, Dyslipaemia, Increased hsCRP, Inflammatory and Oxidative Status in the Spanish Population
Locations 1533e152a12f0ea4ea47c3c0012e2d70, 1b94645b2c9a0952d079d97f82c2b783, 540b0c59ef7f06c9e3408b20da337633, 584c20dc027cc02f35285d457a61e07f, 7eaa709312d901bf9dce305f329b863a, b31cf838e5bb9011a5293fbfaa05cb76, db832f421d374695223c91ebfa882aca, e53482b3270ac05836d3258ae4fae588, f3a301c1ccdaae4ef6ac83a0760e6261, f80aa93756a182c30aaf3e11b76be977, f94d66ab0b609d42c304fa7dc79a9638
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Arm groups 1 (Arm Group)
Location countries Spain
Interventions None
Secondary outcomes 5246ddfe7ab05049c3a96aefce69344d, 6df12e28419a1f51461cb0185abcd082, e0a6bbe47215718d410b489219f6ec5d
References None
Primary outcomes 3e5b23d289cf6a4908bbf5967e2f4021
Removed countries None
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